Arcadia Catering & Events would like to be part of your Thanksgiving dinner table 2019 season.

Let’s celebrate together with delicious savories and keep the American tradition going!

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Thanksgiving brings families across the country together around the Thanksgiving dinner table for decades. Family members and friends gather to express thankfulness for things and blessings in their lives. Home tradition of food is pasted trough generations and it brings memories of past and hopes for the future with many blessings to come.

Different parts of the country have varieties of the Thanksgiving specialties that have been passed through ethnical foods.
The New Jersey and New York City just happen to have largest population of the Italian Americans. Therefore, before the turkeys is served Nona will serve; Mozzarella & Grape Tomato with basil oil, Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms, Spinach Basil & Ricotta Mini Pastry Drizzled with Cape May Honey! All that deliciousness is followed by the Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash Bisque Ginger Crackling, Green Beans, Asparagus and more… Sensation of taste brings all nostalgic flavors of sweet home and it’s time for Desserts.

Orange Zest Ricotta Cream Cheesecake, is among the most traditional for Italian American desserts and widely popular trough the country as the New York cheesecake. But don’t stop there, because Chocolate Sabayon Cake Bittersweet Ganache is just as irresistible and delicious with a cup of coffee or tea. All that sweetness will bring out love and warmth of home with family and friends gathering together and that’s what the Thanksgiving is all about.
North America is also influence with north European and German’s cuisine which brings to the Thanksgiving table Smoked Salmon & Chive Cream Cheese ~Toast Points ~Braised Red Onion, Savory Pastry Knockwurst ~ Düsseldorf Mustard, Mini Bavarian Pretzels with mustard cheese sauce.

Most traditional savories on the Thanksgiving dinner table across the country next to the turkey are Sweet Onion Corn & Chestnuts Bread Stuffing, Natural Giblet Gravy, Maple Glazed Sweet Potato, and of coarse homemade organic.

Fresh Cranberry & Orange Relish. May seem that the can of cranberries can replace the tradition, but homemade sweet Cranberry relish seasoned with orange zest has its origins in the northeast quarter of the country, and it’s the key to overall deliciousness! To top it all off with a festive desserts like; Traditional Pumpkin Pie decorated with Mini Maple & Acorn Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, or our signature Pear Almond Chocolate Tart awarded by Societe Culinarie Philanthropique ~ Salon of Culinary Art of New York 2002 first prize.

At the Acadia Catering & Events we would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with our menu and delicious savories to be part of your family Thanksgiving dinner celebration!