Vision & Mission

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Memorable and Meaningful

Acadia Hospitality honors the authenticity of food and respects how natural ingredients must be used within the catering industry.

Food sourcing, retail marketing and consumer tastes are changing rapidly, and Acadia Hospitality innately understands this. Our philosophy embraces thoughtful and healthful sourcing and culinary applications to everything we serve to our knowledgeable and discerning clientele. We want to apply professional practices to catered food based upon what we like to eat at home, and will embrace a clean approach to eating as part of our clients’ healthful lifestyles.

Our restaurant will feature only farm-to-table vegetables and fruits (locally sourced when available), and our meats will be sourced from farms that humanely raise their animals without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Fish and shellfish will be wild-caught using sustainable methods, and only from sustainable species. We will be working exclusively with HACCP-approved distribution partners for the tri-state region.

Equally important is the application of contemporary culinary applications to insure the integrity of our products and an exciting and memorable dining experience for our clients.

In the food service industry many hotels, schools, clubs and sports venues are continually challenged by rising costs in all facets of food service including the hiring and retention of skilled labor, food expenses and the consistency of sourcing and procurement. Acadia Hospitality realizes the reality of this challenge as well as the need for flexibility while providing a high quality experience for our clientele. Our experienced and deferential team and spacious, sophisticated facility are optimal to produce clean, healthful, flavorful and aesthetically pleasing food as part of an inspired dining experience.


Lunch Catering
Designed Thoughtfully
The classic Spanish tapas ham and melon. Food delivery service and catering meals on the table during the event. Soft focus.
Crafted Lovingly
Beautiful red Christmas table setting with decorations on table
Presented Beautifully
Fruit and berry tarts dessert tray assorted. Closeup of beautiful delicious pastry sweets with fresh natural blackberries and figs. French Bakery catering. Filtered, shallow depth of field
Design, Presentation, Taste, and Variety