Invention is the most important product of man's creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs. - Nikola Tesla

Art & Technology

We live in an exciting time, an era where technology and creativity are not only highly prominent across our society, the lines between the two are blurring. Technology is helping creatives find new outlets a media through which they can express themselves and new tools through which they can hone their craft. Likewise, the world of technology offers enormous scope for creativity and artistic sensibilities whether you’re talking about the graphic design of a new app or the subtle art of User Experience (UX) copywriting for a software program’s interface.

At Acadia catering, we never fail to marvel at the wonders in the arts and technology which take place on our doorstep. Which is why we at Acadia catering in Soldier Hill Golf Club in Emerson, New Jersey are always delighted to welcome clients from the art and technology fields to our event space.

A space to suit all needs

We’re currently opening up our highly versatile and infinitely customizable event space to new clients in the local community to create and participate in a social interactive experience. Our event space can be used to display multimedia concepts and exhibit all manner of artworks. You can use our space to showcase your latest piece of hardware or your new Software as a Service product. You can use it for educational seminars and lectures. 

If you’re involved in either the artistic / creative or tech industries we want to hear from you to learn how to cater our space to your needs. Our Event and Creative Concept Manager Divna Rosasco will be delighted to discuss how we can tailor our space to suit your unique needs.

You’ll also get to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and an adjoining outdoor terrace overlooking the golf club and the stunning natural landscape. 

A collage of flavors

Of course, whatever the nature of your event, it isn’t complete without sumptuous food and drinks. Whether you’re showcasing or educating, any kind of event is easier to appreciate in a great atmosphere. Our Chef de Cuisine David Lorenzo and his kitchen team work tirelessly to create a culinary tour de force for you and your guests, to complement your special event.

Whether you’re looking for exquisite and unique hors d’oeuvres for your guests to indulge on and with their appetite, a light bite to eat at the bar, or a sumptuous sit-down meal for all of your guests, we’ll be delight to provide the perfect combination of flavors to tempt your tastebuds make your event truly memorable for all in attendance. 

It is also our pleasure to cater for any members of your team with special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten and lactose-free) as well as vegetarian and vegan team members. 

Our fully stocked bar carried a comprehensive range of soft drinks, mixers, beers, wines and spirits to ensure that all tastes are catered for and that your event is as special as it possibly can be. 

The people that make all the difference

At Acadia Catering, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. Whatever we can do to help your event shine, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Let’s build the future together!

Whatever your event space needs, we are delighted to welcome all manner of multimedia and events. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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