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Schools Graduations

Graduation, whether it’s high school or college, doesn’t have to be boring.

Instead of catering to the youth by serving cheap food at a sad looking table, pack up your party and host it somewhere fun!

We are offering various grad packages including everything from furniture to all-inclusive foods.

If this is just not in your budget or you would rather not have all of these services forced upon you in one place then feel free to stop in our store and grab a menu. Our event coordinator will be with you shortly to discuss all the details of your special day. 

To make sure your grad party goes smoothly, here are some ideas for graduation themed catering:

-Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs – these go hand in hand with backyard BBQs, especially summer grad parties.

-Subs – whether they’re cold cut or made from fresh baked bread, subs are an easy way to feed lots of hungry grads.

-Seasonal fruits and vegetables – they’re in season, delicious, and they give a party that festive feel.

-Other easy to prepare foods, such as salads and pasta dishes can be topped off with a trip to the local bakery for a graduation cake decorated in your school colors or personalize it with one of Acadia’s Graduation Cake Toppers. [first photo]

Acadia is also here to make sure things run smoothly on the day of your event by taking care of all aspects of renting you a party tent , chairs, tables  and more . We offer tents in many shapes and sizes that will fit any outdoor space from large backyards to large front lawns or even beaches! If

There are so many things for students to do in this area, so what are you waiting for? Contact Acadia Catering & Events today and host a graduation party they’ll never forget!



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